What does it mean to unwind?

To loosen, to reduce tension, to relax.

Let go of all that has happened and be truly present in the moment. Feel the weight of the day shed from you as you land in yourself.

When you unwind, you improve your wellbeing. We want to inspire you with the unwinding rituals of some of our favourite women. See how fashion blogger and jetsetter Sophia Roe unwinds at the end of a long day, and why unwinding is important to her.

"My life is filled with travels so when I’m home my main focus is to totally unwind and enjoy a bit of me-time. I usually light up candles or use essential oils, put on a face mask and a good playlist and last but not least snuggle in my bed under the duvets. There’s no more precious time for me, than time all by myself. 

Having a busy schedule is fun but at times also draining. With my job I’m constantly with a lot of people and I believe I therefore always search for balance by dreaming of the opposite."

-Sophia Roe



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