Adjustable Beds

Why choose an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed allows you to make small changes to your bed position to find your perfect fit. These small changes can make a drastic difference to your sleep quality, by alleviating back pain, helping reduce sleep apnea, enhancing ciruculation, and relieving pain in other joints such as your knees and hips. 

Our adjustable bed models are equipped with everything that makes a Carpe Diem Bed - fully customizable fabrics, our patented Contour Pocket System, a viscoelastic bottom, and truly stunning design. Additionally, our adjustable beds include exclusive features such as LED lighting, massage, and our patented lumbar support to help you truly unwind with the best night's sleep possible.  

Make your bed your favourite place to rest and relax - whether cuddling with your loved ones, reading a book, enjoying your morning coffee, or doxing off to sleep. An adjustable bed will help you find the perfect position - no matter how you like to unwind.

Vindö - Flying Adjustable Bed

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Marstrand - Master adjustable bed

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