Bespoke and custom beds, just for you.

Your bed is so much more than just the place you sleep. It's the place where you go to relax, to warm up with your loved ones, and to wind down after a long day. It's the last thing you remember before falling asleep, and the first thing you notice when waking up. It sets the stage for the rest of your life: a good night's sleep in the right bed will make your days feel better than ever. 

We are bed design experts, and know that every body is unique. That's why every bed from Carpe Diem Beds is bespoke, meaning that you choose everything to suit your needs - from the firmness of the mattress to the fabric, headboard, and bed legs that truly represent you

Your bed is so much more than just the place where you sleep: it's the place where you unwind.

Handmade beds from Sweden

Each of our beds is handmade by one of our expert bedmakers in Sweden.

You choose your model, softness, fabric, and headboard to design your perfect bed. Once you've designed your bed, we assign a bedmaker to your order, who builds everything from start to finish. The result is a fully bespoke bed, suited especially to you.


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