My Unwind with Hanna Stefansson

Hanna Stefansson is a blogger and international fashion trendsetter based in Copenhagen with her partner, photographer Frederik Darre, and her newly born son Arne. With over 180K followers on Instagram, Hanna is a Scandinavian trandsetter in design, fashion, and family life.

See how she created the perfect minimalistic Scandinavian bedroom together with Carpe Diem Beds.

How did you design your bedroom?

We wanted to create a calming space in soft, beige-pastel colours. The bedroom in bathed in sunlight during the summer months and it's so nice and peaceful.

What went into your bed design?

We chose the Wool Beige fabric because it matches so nicely with all the other colours we wanted in the room.

I also think the striped texture of the fabric gives an interesting touch. We chose to use that fabric for our Headboard Cushions as well, which makes the bed into a true statement piece of furniture. We have a big bedroom and chose a super emporer sized bed so that there is plenty of room for all of us.

What is your favourite thing about your new bed?

My whole body totally relaxes as soon as I lie down, and I feel totally refreshed and rejuvinated when I wake up in the morning.

Having a newborn baby, I never get a full night's sleep anymore, but every hour of sleep that I do get is a total dream.

What do you do to relax and unwind after a long day?

While my boyfriend is out walking with the pram in the evenings, I usually hop into a cashmere set, make a cup of coffee and a nice snack, sit in bed, and watch a series. Right now I'm watching Lupine.

Sometimes I may even take a little evening nap.


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