Bedroom Carpet Soft Greige 3050 - 250x260

Thick and luxurious rug of premium quality. Available in 6 soft shades.




Soft Greige 3050

Cool Grey 7460

Dark Grey 3250

Dark Nougat 1120

Light Beige 1080

Medium Grey 3140

Soft Greige 3050

Availability & delivery

Made to order and delivered within 5-6 weeks.


Length: 260 cm, Width: 250 cm

Article number: 7332791417013

Imagine a thick, soft luxurious rug meeting your feet as you get out of bed every morning. Is there anything cosier? Perhaps soft sand between your toes... but that’s a whole other story.

Perfect texture with a seamless finish
Clean and stylish edge with invisible stitching makes the rug fit into
any setting.

6 colours, especially chosen to fit Carpe Diem Beds fabric collections
Match or contrast, which style fits you better?

Available online in 250x260 cm, 300x260 cm and 360x260 cm.
For custom sizes, please visit our stores or resellers (max. size 500x500 cm)

A Carpe Diem Beds Bedroom Essential
Our custom fit rugs are a part of Carpe Diem Beds range bedroom enhancing
products, designed to make going to bed and getting up the highlight of your day - in turn, helping you to spend more time in and enjoying your bedroom and helping you to unwind and prioritize rejuvenation. Whether it’s a soft rug, scenting your room with our hand-poured organic soy wax scented candles Skymning and Gryning, or draping yourself in our heavenly soft mulberry silk robes we hope to be able to invite a little bit of everyday luxury to your life.

Product: definition Tufted
Pile fibre: Polyamide (PA)
Backing: Luxury textile backing
Thickness variation: 14-40 mm
Pile weight 1850 g/m2


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