Mulberry Silk Pillow 500 g White - 50x60

Soft and medium high mulberry silk pillow.

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Length: 60 cm, Width: 50 cm

Article number: 7332791121361

Carpe Diem Beds mulberry silk pillow fits those who often sleep on their side or back. The filling is a mixture of mulberry silk fibers and polyester for best supporting abilities.

With pillows and duvets in mulberry silk, you experience an even more exclusive feeling in bed. Silk’s natural dust and dirt repelling properties give it a unique ability to clean itself, making it an excellent choice for allergy sufferers. Another wonderful feature is that it warms when it’s cold and cools when it’s hot. It also absorbs and transports excess moisture while you sleep. As a result, you enjoy a more restful sleep, because you won’t wake up either freezing or sweating.

Silk is best cared for by regularly airing it out in fresh air. Airing is best done in daylight, but never in harsh sun.
Certificates and approvals: Öko Tex Standard 100

Size: 50x60 cm
Filling: 500g mulberry silk/polyster mix (40/60)
Shell: 100% cotton


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