Our Five Patents

Carpe Diem Beds was founded by a Chiropractor, and over the years we have stayed true to our roots, by developing some of the most innovative bed technology on the market to protect your back. Find out how each of our five unique patents will help you truly unwind.

Why the Carpe Diem Contour Pocket System?

The Contour Pocket System from Carpe Diem Beds is truly some of the most innovative bed technology in the world. It provides gentle support and give, instantly moulding to your body's contours and changing with your every position. Feel the mattress embrace your hips and shoulders while gently supporting your back and waist. Your spine will be relieved of all tension, and your muscles will finally relax.

A look inside our beds*

See our patents at work and discover how the most innovative beds in the world can help you sleep like never before.

1. Luxury top mattress filled with wool/Talalay latex/cotton
2. CDB Contour Pocket System
3. X-pocket
4. Viscoelastic bottom
5. Heat-treated pocket
6. Bed frame in Swedish pine

*General model. Please see product pages for model-specific measurements and features. 

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